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Use Cases

Splice Use Cases

Tie logistics applications together, simply and intuitively.

container yard

Container Yard Visibility

Four separate yards covering almost 16 acres, spiking volumes, hard-to-find containers, frustrated drivers, slow reconciliation, and manual yard checks. This was the situation for a trucking and drayage provider.


By using Splice, the company was able to automate data flows for container yard visibility, resulting in:


  • Decreased truck turn-times

  • Faster yard checks

  • Less administrative resources and more timely data

  • A common operating picture for all

Aerial View of Distribution Center

Logistics Systems Integrations

A trucking and warehousing company was struggling to retain independent truckers while dealing with record-high volumes. Container yards were jammed up, resulting in low productivity and frustrated truckers. The company needed to quickly streamline the pickup and drop-off process.


With Splice, the company was able to integrate container and transportation data, resulting in:


  • More operational visibility

  • Integration of loT device data

  • Optimized new and legacy systems

  • A common and accessible data source for all

parked semi truck

Import Logistics Data Automation

The COVID-induced supply chain crisis strained processes for an importer of finished and in-process industrial products. Lacking visibility of container movement, this company needed data to be automated for more timely status updates.


By automating logistics data with Splice, this shipper was able to increase supply chain visibility. This resulted in:


  • Lower costs and improved warehouse productivity

  • Reduced inventory carrying costs

  • Less time spent on data aggregation

  • More accurate and timely data

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System Integrations

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