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Splice API Platform

API-led integration platform for logistics process automation 

Splice API Platform

Connect logistics data and automate your processes

Splice is a quick, cost-effective way to connect all of your supply chain systems and automate the flow of logistics data. This API-led and low-code platform has the flexibility to adapt with your needs, enhancing, not replacing, your existing technology to accelerate the digitization of your supply chain.

  • Reduce the need for IT resources 

  • Maximize existing systems

  • Automate logistics processes

  • Speed up data flow

  • Mitigate financial risk

The Splice Platform in Action

Splice is an API-led data-sharing platform that automates logistics processes. Our products make many systems work as one to save time, lower costs and speed up operations.

The value of low-code logistics integration 

Here’s how Splice can make logistics data more timely and dependable.

Seamlessly integrate your legacy systems with current applications without the need to roll out new software. Splice is a modern middleware that translates data of all kinds and connects otherwise siloed systems with built-in integrations.

Check out Splice's library of integrations.

Connect supply chain applications.

Automate manual tasks without development.

No more emailing or uploading files, monitoring websites, waiting for updates, or reworking data the way you need it. Splice creates self-operating workflows, as you build through our low-code development platform.

Learn how this importer closed data gaps.

Splice speaks all languages of supply chain applications, with any-to-any data sharing, so your systems work as one. Lower your costs (and risk), save time and improve accuracy without the need to manually manipulate data.

Read about use cases for Splice.

Streamline all types of logistics data.

Create a more efficient and flexible business.

Splice’s cloud-based environment makes it quick and easy to scale your business up or down, add partners or disconnect systems, and adjust logistics workflows through our drag-and-drop platform. Save time without the financial investment.

Read more about why Splice.

The Science of Data Logistics

Splice gets the right data to the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition.

An Integration Platform for the Logistics Ecosystem

Integrate and Automate Your Legacy Systems and Current Applications


Connect disconnected, existing and current applications for seamless data flow.


Splice intelligently automates workflows to reduce errors, eliminate manual rework and decrease costs.


Splice uses low-code and an intuitive design to create operational agility.


Splice's cloud-based environment allows for scalability and workflow flexibility.

EDI Transformation

Sends and receives EDI messages without the EDI headache.

API Ready

More than an API platform, Splice speaks all languages of logistics, like a universal translator.


See what other Splice solutions can do

Yard Spot

​Locate your containers, chassis, reefers and equipment with a real-time visual representation of the yard.


Learn more.

Splice Exports

​Manage your container exports more efficiently with newfound visibility into terminal receiving windows.


Learn more.

Splice Imports

​Easily track the events of containers as they move through your supply chain with logistics data automation.

Learn more.

What could your systems do together?

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