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Splice Integrations

Splice's library of API integrations, translators, connectors and tools speed up data flow and bridge process gaps.

DCSA Standards

Common and interoperable data standards promote the free exchange of information. Splice's DCSA nodes allow users to seamlessly integrate with applications also applying those standards.

DCSA Standard


Workflows automating financial data exchanges ensure accurate invoices, payments, and accounts payable and receivable.  


Splice is your single point of integration. Our team of developers are adding integrations weekly to expand our capabilities. Don't see an integration you need? We can add it. 

Google Apps

With integrations to Google, Splice makes it easy to complete workflows that connect to home-base applications.

Google Apps
GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

IoT devices and GPS tracking systems are a key source of visibility data, but multiple systems and just as many web portals diminish the value. Splice brings the data one place for true situational awareness.

Logistics Software

Logistics Software

Supply chain digitalization has spurred many incredible software systems! And wow, they work a whole lot better with an integration to Splice - the starting point to endless data feeds.

Did you know that Splice integrates directly into spreadsheet files?

Splice make spreadsheet integration a snap! No need to keep emailing and uploading files. Use Splice to add or extract data directly from any spreadsheet file type. 

Ocean Carrier

Ocean Carriers

API connections are taking hold with ocean carriers, and Splice is leading the way with connectivity to automate the flow of essential data.



Keep track of cargo on the tracks. Use Splice, a single point of integration, for railroad data.

Splice Tool

Splice Tools

Splice data management tools make the difference. EDI, spreadsheets, email and file transfers are some of the data tools that make automation between legacy systems easy.

EDI? Yup, we got that too.

Manage EDI exchanges in Splice, the complete logistics integration platform to automate data flows.



Receive key data points from all the major ports in North America. Know what is happening at ports and terminals without constantly monitoring websites or waiting for emails.

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