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aerial view of a cargo carrier with shipping containers on open water

Splice Exports

Splice Exports

Greater visibility into export receiving dates to manage your processes more efficiently.

aerial view of a port with shipping containers and a carg ship docked

Take the guesswork out of export receiving windows

Late vessels and terminal congestion disrupt cargo delivery and affect operations - and costs - throughout your logistics chain.


So stop painfully searching inboxes and websites to find updates.

Splice matches data from ports and ocean carriers to automate updates of earliest receiving dates (ERDs), cut-offs and vessel schedules to give you a clear view of export receiving windows.

  • Connections to over 60 terminals and all major ocean carriers.

  • Timely and accurate ERD and cut-off dates and vessel schedules.

  • Online portal to track changes anywhere, anytime.

  • API, EDI and FTP integration options.

Timely Updates to Export Receiving Dates

Splice Exports bridges a problematic data gap for exporters 


Connect Splice Exports to your TMS using API, EDI or FTP for seamless data flows.


Receive reports multiple times per day to have the latest information on changes to your bookings.


See all your active bookings in a single online dashboard for the whole team to monitor changes.

Parsed Bookings

Clear inboxes full of emailed PDFs and digitize booking documents using our parsing capability.


Look up past bookings and retain histories for a full audit trail. Know who change what and when.


Pull the details of every change with one click. Use it to validate detention and demurrage invoices. 

Catch a glimpse inside Splice Exports

The value of integrating export logistics data

Here’s how Splice can make container scheduling more accurate, efficient and automated.

Get a handle on ever-shifting earliest return dates (ERDs) and cut-off schedules with accurate and timely visibility into changes made by ocean carriers and marine terminals.

Read this use case on bridging data gaps.

Track elusive schedule changes.

By automating data exchange, Splice collects and reconciles export logistics data so you can save on resources and take action based on a common operating picture.


Read about integrating and automating logistics data.

Eliminate manual data validation.

Control costly fees.

Splice Exports gives you the visibility you need to eliminate unnecessary equipment and inventory costs, detention and demurrage fees, and dry runs caused by shifts in terminal receiving windows.

Learn how Splice can help shippers avoid costly fees.

Get started quickly.

Splice Exports immediately streamlines and automates the verification of ERD and cut-off changes. Behind the scenes integration takes care of the work for you, so you can focus on your customer.

See our library of integrations to speed up data flow.

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