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Accelerate supply chain decarbonization with Greenabl and Splice

Seamlessly integrate shipment data to measure carbon emissions.

Our Partnership

Collect Data, Measure Impact, and Offset Carbon Emissions

Quickly deploy a powerful tool to drive sustainability in your global supply chain through the combination of Greenabl's decarbonization solution and Splice's system integration expertise.

Greenabl enables shippers to measure, mitigate, and offset their direct and indirect emissions. Splice automates data collection for the analysis of transportation routings. Together they simplify the measurement process and help you quantify progress in creating a greener and more sustainable supply chain.

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Automate Data Collection for Accurate and Efficient Emission Calculations

Connect and Measure Shipment Data

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Report and Analyze Emissions

Carbon Credits

About Splice

About Greenabl

Splice is an API-led data-sharing platform that automates the movement of supply chain data. Splice connects diverse systems and gets them speaking the same language so everyone stays on the same page. We make many systems work as one to save time, lower costs and speed up operations.

Greenabl enables importers and exporters to advance their decarbonization efforts with a single point of truth via 360-degree technology platform to measure, mitigate, and offset CO2 emissions from the supply chain. Our mission is to help companies advance their supply chain decarbonization goals by taking immediate action.

Splice Insights

Splice shares thoughts on supply chain integrations, logistics process design, shipping challenges, and ways to improve our global community.

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