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Pricing to accommodate business needs

At Splice, our mission is to connect logistics systems, applications and organizations to speed up your processes and data. Our products bridge gaps, and our pricing bridges needs. Affordable and based on usage tiers, Splice utilizes a transparent pricing model, so you pay for what you use with a predictable rate.


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A better integrator

Integrate and automate your legacy systems and current applications with any-to-any data sharing.

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Quick start up

Behind the scenes integration takes care of the work for you, so you can focus on your higher value work.

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Scalable design

Splice’s cloud-based environment enables scalability when you need it and intuitive design for ease of use.

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Solid performance

Manage your imports, exports, cargo or equipment with Splice’s industry trusted visibility products.

How Our Pricing Works

Choose your payment term. We offer payment plans on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, as well as commitment discounts for longer terms.


Determine your usage. We’ll create a pricing proposal based on your usage criteria and estimated needs. It's that easy.

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Thank you. We'll contact you with pricing calculations soon.

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Integrations Built for Logistics

Our logistics products are integrated with leading logistics applications, data, services and tools to speed up your data flow. If you have unique integration needs outside of our library of pre-configurations, we will accommodate your business. All quotes are customized for each customer, based on your business’s specific requirements.

Read our commonly asked questions on using Splice.


Reach out for a demo of your integrated systems.

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