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Control: The 2022 Watchword

What word is guiding you through 2022?

Each January, many people choose a one-word intention that helps them form a mindset for the year ahead. If we were to expand the concept for container shipping and logistics, the word for 2022 would be control.

The list of 2021 issues and events causing the feeling of lost control—untamed Covid, record import volumes, unavailable equipment, congestion everywhere, and Ever Given blockage—these only touch the surface of the year’s supply chain challenges.

Control the Impact of Unpredictable Events

By making the watchword control, it emphasizes taking actions and creating results. It focuses on solutions that you can implement quickly and simply.

Actionable information is central to control – it provides clarity and resolve. From a practical perspective, having the right information in the right place is a must, and this is where Splice has a role.

Splice is a software platform that allows users to design information workflows bridging multiple applications. Time-saving automation results from the integration of otherwise disconnected applications. Splice eliminates the agonizing process of extracting data from one source, transforming it from one format to another, and loading it to the desired application.

Yard Spot powered by Splice is all about control. By integrating data from many equipment tracking systems, mapping their positions and then adding key logistics information, Yard Spot visualizes information that saves on turn-times and free time. For trucking data integration across tracking systems, this is huge.

Control Information Flows

Important to our 2022 intention, Splice increases the capacity to control information flows. The self-service tool lets users add and edit data exchanges in one place, and Splice connects to the applications logistics teams currently use—freeing them of error-prone data handling. Splice brings data into systems for better decision-making and more control.

In 2021, many problems appeared out of nowhere into the logistics business, leaving a feeling of helplessness. Shocks to the global supply chain have been all too frequent in recent years, creating a yearning for predictability. Control is about certainty, and Splice can be a key piece to making what’s expected become reliable.

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