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Splice's Top 10 of 2021

It’s been a momentous first year for Splice, and in highlighting our achievements

in 2021, we want to share our excitement for the year ahead. We’ve worked hard to set the stage for new breakthroughs, and our 2021 accomplishments show it.

photo of drums

Here are our Top 10 accomplishments of 2021. Drum roll please.

# 10 - The Launch of Splice

We launched Splice. May as well start at the beginning, right? Integration is at the center of innovation, and like splicing rope, we create connections. We jumped in and never looked back.

# 9 - Rebranding Splice

Splice got a proper English spelling. The name Splyc was shelved for a name everyone could pronounce and read without question. #spliceit

# 8 - A Fully Serverless Infrastructure

We ditched the servers and adopted a fully serverless infrastructure to ensure consistent speed and reliable scale.

# 7 - GPS Integration

GPS pointed the way. Splice integrated to a bunch of GPS systems. Tracking and tracing of containers, chassis, trucks and trailers are united on Splice.

# 6 - User Interface Evolution

The user experience on the platform went through a remarkable transformation. Our low-code design evolved to no-code to simplify workflow automation and make innovation through integration accessible to any user of Splice.

# 5 - The Introduction of Yard Spot

Yard Spot became our first point solution. Yard Spot brings together asset location data and key operational information to see the container yards in real time. Interested? Here's a case study on how it worked to integrate and visualize trucking data across locations.

# 4 - Profile in the JOC

Splice made it in the Journal of Commerce (JOC). A profile of Splice (Splyc at the time) made it in the May 18 online edition. It highlighted our low-code platform, workflow automation and going beyond integration to make logistics more productive.

# 3 - IANA

We went to the IANA Expo in Long Beach. The annual intermodal show was the coming-out party for Yard Spot in September. We’ll be there again in 2022, as well as TPM Tech.

# 2 - Partnerships

We made new friends. Splice built partnerships with customers, fellow tech companies, and our local port. They are a positive influence on us, and we’re grateful for them.

# 1 - Hit Our Milestones

We hit our milestones in every aspect of the company. Starting a business in a pandemic and incredible supply chain crunch posed some real barriers and opportunities, and we have positioned ourselves for an even better 2022.

We are excited for the year ahead, and we want to wish you an achievement-filled and happy New Year!


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