The integration platform to automate your logistics data.

How to Use Splice

Splice is a universal translator and workflow architect to manage imports, exports, cargo and equipment. 
How would you use Splice? 

Import Container Notifications

Create your own ecosystem to automate the communication of changes in container status to keep all parties informed.

Splice handles the busy work.


Export Receiving Windows

Automate updates of earliest return dates (ERD) and cut-offs to manage your export shipments.

Splice improves supply chain and transportation costs.

Cargo and Equipment Visibility

Link GPS to container numbers, trucks and mapping tools to seamlessly share cargo location and visibility your customers will cherish.

Splice makes it easy to see all your equipment. 

The Low-Code Logistics Automation Platform

Get your logistics applications working together.

Splice connects logistics and supply chain applications across customers and partners, automating workflows through a cloud-based environment. 

Splice enhances, not replaces, your existing applications to maximize current IT investments and accelerate the digitization of your supply chains.

Save time everyday

Maximize existing systems 

Automate logistics processes

Strip away costly, error-prone rework

Splice is smart to help you keep it simple

Pre-Built Integrations
Make It Easy

Drive efficiency and open new markets by collaborating better with customers and partners.

Like Your Own
Personal Programmer

Behind the scenes integration allows for continued use of your applications while Splice quietly works its magic.

Streamline Your

Event-driven automation takes care of mundane tasks and eliminates errors caused by the reworking of data.

An Integration Platform for the Logistics Ecosystem

Integrate and Automate Your Legacy Systems and Current Applications


Connect disconnected, existing and current applications for seamless data flow.


Splice intelligently automates workflows to reduce errors, eliminate manual rework and decrease costs.


Splice uses low-code and an intuitive design to create operational agility.


Splice's cloud-based environment allows for scalability and workflow flexibility.

EDI Communications

Sends and receives EDI messages without the EDI headache.

API Ready

More than an API platform, Splice speaks all languages of logistics, like a universal translator.

Splice Insights

We've spliced a few ideas together.

What we do, who we are and how we do it. 

New technology inspires new questions.

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