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Yard Spot - Powered by Splice

Yard Spot is the breakthrough yard management system application built on the foundation of Splice, our low-code logistics automation software. Yard Spot exemplifies the potential of Splice to simplify and digitize logistics operations. It is the first product built on our solutions platform and marketed as a distinct application. We want to share some insights into Yard Spot and how it drives our vision for Splice.

What is Yard Spot?

Yard Spot uses Splice’s unique ability to layer multiple types and sources of data into a common operating picture. Using this functionality, Yard Spot can optimize how container yards are managed.

Yard Spot combines:

● Location data from equipment GPS and truck ELD systems

● Operational data from terminal management systems and port APIs

● Real-time data from fixed and mobile cameras

Yard Spot displays all this information on a map in an easy to navigate and mobile-ready application.

The Origins of Yard Spot

During a pilot with a trucking and warehousing provider, we created Yard Spot. Their homegrown yard management system was not keeping up with the speed of business, and their inability to keep track of equipment in real-time was frustrating truckers. In the tight trucking market, quick turn-times improves a yard’s reputation and truckers’ willingness to make your operation their first call. We saw these issues and created a solution for them with Yard Spot.

From there we expanded Yard Spot by working with on the pilot. SiteTrax is a mobile phone application that uses optical character reading (OCR) to identify container numbers. The app speeds up yard checks, allowing continuous movement through the yard in a vehicle rather than the stop-and-check approach. Splice pulls the container number, location and time stamp from SiteTrax, offering a source of real-time data.

Yard Spot First to be Powered by Splice

In developing Yard Spot, we turned Splice on its head. The typical use case for Splice connects applications across logistics supply chains, horizontally from partner to partner, to mirror cargo flows. With Yard Spot, we designed a vertical stack of applications and technologies that solve a specific problem. Yard Spot augments yard visibility to improve truck utilization, turn-times, and costs.

The vertical flip demonstrates how Splice can be the backbone to point solutions, and in solving these problems, we build a library of integrations to help tackle the next challenge. Look for more “Powered by Splice” solutions coming soon—or reach out if a problem has you stumped. We would be glad to help.


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