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Splice in

Splice was featured in on May 18, 2021, and it brought a big smile to our faces.

The article focuses on our business, origin and value proposition.

"Seeing an opportunity to help shippers and transportation providers with the arduous — but potentially rewarding — task of connecting and automating the flow of data between disparate operating systems led Kevin Speers and Chris Ruddick to create Norfolk, Virginia-based Splice last year. "

We really enjoyed the conversations with Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor at JOC. He understands the market, software businesses and the technology, and his knowledge shows up in the discussion on Splice as a no-code/low-code application. Eric captured this quote:

“It goes beyond integrations,” Speers said. “We’re structuring workflows behind it. Your container is ready for pick up, and that’s the domino that triggers other processes. And you have a way [by using Splice] to design the workflow and control it. You don’t need to be a coder to use it. It’s designed for a lot of people to be comfortable using it.”

To read the whole article, click here. If you are having trouble reading it, since it is behind a paywall, please contact Kevin Speers at or call us at 757-530-5300.

Writer's note: Since the publication of the article, Splyc since changed its name to Splice. We thought the actual spelling better explains our brand. Like separate pieces of rope, we splice disconnected data and applications, weaving them together to strengthen their collective ability.


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