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Fixing the "Work Smarter, Not Harder" Cliché

Work smarter, not harder. It’s overused, as if you will be told next to remember the cover sheet on the TPS reports. To work smarter, something must change, and that is the challenge.

When shipping processes and people are going full tilt, it feels impossible to adjust on the fly. Many companies grin and bear it or add more people to fill the gaps. Both of those remedies fall well outside the 'work smarter' camp.

In the current state of container shipping, anything that allows you to truly work smarter is worth investigation.

Working smarter means having the right tools to do the job. This is where good technology plays a compelling role in making whole systems more efficient because they eliminate the grunt work. It’s the Pareto principle in action: Stop or automate the 80 percent of the effort that delivers only 20 percent of the value.

Splice is the catalyst to help you work smarter. It connects current systems and automates the flow of information, saving time and effort and stopping the manual manipulation of data through uploads, downloads and email. Splice is all about working smarter.

Splice boosts existing applications by providing the digital infrastructure to accelerate the flow of inputs and outputs. You keep your current systems in place, benefit from a system that translates your data into a consistent standard, and avoid painful and costly new-system implementations and upgrades.

If you struggle to keep data moving efficiently, consider Splice. Contact us today and see results within a week.


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