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Gain full transparency with logistics data integration

Connecting siloed supply chain systems and translating data of all kinds, Splice is a modern middleware built for logistics data integration. Access your full data stack through one solution, and connect to more customers and logistics partners as you scale, without IT dependency.


One solution for shipping & warehouse logistics data

Integrate logistics data.

  • Connect legacy systems with current applications.

  • Improve operational agility without the rollout of new software.

  • Save on resources with pre-configured integrations.

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Automate supply chain workflows.

  • Combine inputs from ocean carriers, ports, internal systems and partners for a common operating picture. 

  • Effortlessly exchange data with automated workflows.

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Action on accurate, timely data.

  • Increase supply chain visibility.

  • Empower your logistics team to make decisions quickly and confidently.

  • Manage and minimize detention and demurrage more efficiently.

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Stock Taking in the Warehouse

Close shipping data and visibility gaps with Splice

Splice is an integration platform to automate your logistics data between systems, applications, and organizations.


  • Speed up your logistics processes with more timely and accurate data.

  • Get the data confidence you need to make critical business decisions.


Ready for more supply chain visibility?

Automate & integrate your shipping data applications

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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Ensure your base system is connected to Splice.

mouse click icon

Add pre-configured integrations to your partners and customers with just a click.

check mark in a circle

Test your data connections and ensure accuracy.

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Activate your logistics workflows.


Splice’s Integrations for Shippers

IoT Track and Trace Systems

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Splice Delivers


export and import logistics.


warehouse productivity.


inventory carrying costs.


time spent on data aggregation.


on a more timely and accurate data set.

Ready to speed up logistics operations with Splice?

Discover how Splice can work for your business.

aerial view of a port with shipping container and a carge ship docked

Manage Container Exports with Splice Exports 

A Splice point solution built for shippers, Splice Exports offers newfound visibility into terminal receiving windows. This product pulls data from ports and ocean carriers to streamline and automate your scheduling updates and give you a clear and accurate view of earliest return dates (ERDs). Manage container exports and your supply chain more efficiently with Splice Exports.

Have more questions? Read our FAQs or contact us.  

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