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Low-code trucking logistics automation & integration software

Splice accelerates the digitization of supply chains by connecting systems across customers and partners and automating logistics tasks through a cloud-based environment. Reduce errors in your data, eliminate the need for manual work, and create more operational capacity with Splice.


Splice enables logistics applications to exchange data, simply.

Build seamless supply chain connections.

  • Connect to more partners with less stress and more confidence.

  • Create consistent and transparent processes.

  • Easily exchange data.

  • Quickly scale operations.

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Access reliable logistics data.

  • Get access to all of your logistics data without the strain on internal resources.

  • Close information gaps with secure and reliable data aggregation.

  • Never question the integrity of your data.

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Automate logistics tasks.

  • Reduce errors and eliminate the need for manual work.

  • Create more operational capacity.

      Read how.

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Trucking data automation in just a few clicks

Splice is a modern middleware that speaks all languages of logistics applications for any-to-any integrations and easy information exchange.


  • Save on time and resources with Splice's workflow automation.

  • Improve the accuracy and timeliness of your logistics data.


Ready to reduce supply chain friction?

Smarter trucking data in 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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Ensure your base system is connected to Splice.

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Add pre-configured integrations to your partners and customers with just a click.

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Test your data connections and ensure accuracy.

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Activate your logistics workflows.


Splice’s Integrations for Trucking Companies

aerial view of a shipping yard with multiple shipping containers stacked up

Splice Delivers


truck turn times.


yard checks.


administrative time.


on a common operating picture.

Ready to speed up logistics operations with Splice?

Discover how Splice can work for your business.


Keep Trucks Moving with Yard Spot

A Splice point solution built just for you. Yard Spot offers container yard visualization by mapping operational data, GPS devices, and ELD systems with mobile and fixed cameras. Trucking companies get access to multiple data sources within a single view with real-time maps of yards for faster asset tracking and easy navigation. Speed up your yard operations with this container yard automation system.

Yard Spot_two mobile views and logo

Have more questions? Read our FAQs or contact us.  

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