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Splice Imports

Splice Imports

Container imports event tracking with in-transit visibility and timely status updates.

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Keep containers moving by automating workflows

Unpredictable movement of containers can leave visibility gaps in your supply chain, despite time-intensive monitoring and data entry. Gain visibility into container transactions with timely and accurate status updates. Splice integrates all your logistics applications to automate the data flow between systems.


  • Simplify data processes and save on time and resources

  • Reduce supply chain friction between partners and customers

  • Gain more visibility into container import logistics

The value of integrating container import logistics

Here’s how Splice can make import tracking simple, efficient and automated.

Splice bridges digital gaps with accurate and timely data to keep cargo flowing. Connect all your systems, from TMS and ERP systems to track and trace solutions, to automate the movement of data and easily follow status events.

Read this use case on bridging data gaps.

Follow the life of a container.

Save money and resources.

Take action on more timely and accurate container import logistics data to minimize your risk of putting assets at rest. Reduce inventory carrying costs, better manage import demurrage, and improve cost management at facilities.

Learn how Splice can help shippers avoid costly fees.

Stop collecting vessel arrival dates and container statuses, and create your own container imports ecosystem to automate the communication of changes. Access your data through one solution and minimize idle time and rework.


Read about integrating and automating logistics data.

Eliminate data monitoring and entry.

Streamline logistics operations.

Easily coordinate operations between transportation, warehouse, and yard personnel and systems. Increase throughput while decreasing operating costs, and reduce risk while improving KPIs across your logistics enterprise.

Learn how Splice connects supply chain systems.

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By automating data inputs into enterprise systems, Splice can bring information to the enterprise application where it is most actionable. Splice pulls all your shipping and logistics data together and puts it where you need it.

Learn more about Splice Imports


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