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ERD and Cut-off Tracking to Manage Detention and Demurrage

Splice Exports Use Cases

Quickly Validate or Refute Detention and Demurrage Charges

Managing your inbox to keep track of booking confirmations and updates is inefficient and unnecessary. Splice Export automates the intake of booking confirmations and scheduling updates to eliminate the manual aspect of export planning. Parsing data from emails from ocean carriers, Splice Exports creates a single source of truth. 

Cleaner inboxes with automated data intake

Emailed confirmations and updates are simply forwarded, either by user or inbox rule, to Splice, and our product takes care of the rest. Splice Exports separates PDFs from other communications, pulls necessary data and takes an image of all updates. 

"What used to be an all-consuming task now takes seconds just by forwarding emails to Splice Exports."

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Clearer view of schedules with data reading and reconciliation

Splice parses data from PDF booking confirmations and updates, and either creates a new booking record or adds new data to an existing records to automate ERD and cut-off dates. Save time spent reconciling booking information.

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"There's no need to search inboxes again in order to validate or refute detention and demurrage charges."

Gain control of shipments and charges with a true history of record

Splice Exports creates and stores an image of every confirmation and change so you can see exactly what was sent — whenever you need it. This booking history is visible to everyone using the tool, so you are working off a single source version of truth. Plus, downloadable reporting is available to help align invoice data against history so you can quickly validate or refute D&D. 

Discover How Splice Exports Can Work for Your Business

 Starting only requires sharing emailed booking confirmations. Sign up for a demo, and we’ll give you a free, two-week trial. We’re that confident that’s all it’ll take for you to see the impact on your business and bottomline.

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