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Greenabl and Splice Announce Partnership to Accelerate Global Supply Chain Decarbonization

February 26, 2024 — Greenabl, the logistics industry's leading partner in achieving global supply chain decarbonization, has joined forces with Splice, a cutting-edge integration platform specializing in automating supply chain data flows. This strategic partnership aims to seamlessly integrate shipment data to measure carbon emissions, providing a frictionless solution to advance  decarbonization efforts.

Greenabl and Splice accelerate supply chain decarbonization

Greenabl empowers importers and exporters by offering a digital platform designed to measure, mitigate, and offset CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain. With a mission to help companies take immediate action towards their supply chain decarbonization goals, Greenabl provides a single point of truth for businesses to monitor and enhance their environmental sustainability practices across all modes of transportation.

Known for its innovative approach to weaving together data from disparate systems, Splice automates supply chain data flows with an API-led integration platform. By eliminating data gaps, Splice enables organizations to create new efficiencies, drive innovation and deliver information where, when, and how it is needed.

The partnership between Greenabl and Splice brings a transformative solution to the logistics industry, allowing for the seamless integration of shipment data and carbon emissions calculations. This collaboration addresses the growing demand for comprehensive tools that streamline sustainability efforts and facilitate efficient supply chain operations.

Roman Ramirez, Director of Commercial Strategy at Greenabl, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, "Our partnership with Splice represents a significant step forward in the logistics industry's journey towards sustainable practices. By integrating Greenabl's decarbonization capabilities with Splice's data automation expertise, we are creating a powerful synergy that will drive positive change in global supply chain sustainability."

Kevin Speers, CEO and Co-Founder of Splice, echoed Ramirez's sentiments, saying, "At Splice, we believe in the transformative power of seamless integration. By partnering with Greenabl, we are not only streamlining data flows but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. Together, we make it easier for companies to measure their carbon emissions and focus on the areas where they can make the most reductions and meet their sustainability goals."

The collaboration between Greenabl and Splice is a testament to the shared commitment of both organizations to foster sustainability and efficiency within the logistics industry. This partnership signifies a groundbreaking step towards creating a more environmentally conscious and efficient global supply chain.

Splice shares data between Greenabl and your TMS.

About Greenabl

Greenabl is a sustainable shippers association and cooperative procurement group, dedicated to supply chain decarbonization. As a community uniting companies with a common goal, Greenabl focuses on immediate carbon emissions reduction in the supply chain. Leveraging best-in-class technology and a proven measurement framework, Greenabl assists shippers in addressing CO2 impact within their supply chains. It also serves as a center of excellence, advancing decarbonization efforts across the industry.


About Splice

Splice is an API-led integration platform that automates supply chain data. We weave together data from disparate systems to make them work as one. Splice makes it easy to automate processes and capture the cost and productivity benefits from integration-driven innovation. We eliminate data gaps and extend ecosystems by putting information where, when and how you need it.  Learn more at


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